Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweet Heart Cupcakes

For Valentine's Day, I made cupcakes for our evening Bible Study group, using the idea found in one of the Hello, Cupcake/What's New Cupcake books.

I went a little overboard (not sure what I was thinking actually) and made two cake mixes worth of cupcakes:  one vanilla cake, the other chocolate cake.  For the chocolate cupcakes, I baked them using heart-shaped silicone cups.  The vanilla cupcakes were baked in "Valentine" mini-cups.

I used Buttercream frosting and piped swirls on some, placing a sweet-heart candy on top, and flat-iced the larger hearts while piping messages on top.  They turned out delicious and because I'd made so many I had plenty to give away to others besides the Bible Study ladies.


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