Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cookie Decorating Party

This cold and dreary February Saturday, was full of warmth in my cozy kitchen as 3 friends came over to help decorate the Sugar Cookies I'd made yesterday in preparation for a baby shower they are hosting at church next week.

Using the same Sugar Cookie recipe I always use, and Buttercream Icing, Gabsy, Julie, Michaela and I set out to decorate the baby-themed cookies.  Creativity was running amok as these lovely young women iced their masterpieces.

You have to see Michaela's ingenious creativity on one of the "baby carriage" cookies...

Isn't this amazing?

After a few hours, our mission was complete and we took this picture to document our day.  The ladies were exquisite and for the first time cookie decorating, they did outstanding.  I was highly impressed!


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